Sunday, April 09, 2006

Its time to go

Leaving tomorrow for the outreach I have anticipated for.

I dont have much to blog about but I dont want to leave without saying goodbye.

So bye.


Anonymous said...

what??? brandon is engaged???
i need more frequent updates on these things.

Zoe said...

all the best... and i am launched for business trip too... tomorrow. - jing

labellasthoughts said...

Have a great time gato!!!
Thanks for everything!
I hope my phone is up and working!
Miss you!

labellasthoughts said...

Hey please remember to leave my keys at Soyoung's mail box!!
Thanks gato!

KK said...

I miss you! Please come back quick!

Anonymous said...

amazing. - william

Anonymous said...

I wish I would have known ahead of time that you were going through LZ. I could have hooked you up. . . would LIKED to have hooked you up with some friends (and some workers) there.

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KK said...

Getting a college degree by taking advantage of loopholes?? That sounds like a cool idea. Maybe I'll just call them up...

...When hell freezes over...


Hua Jing.. come back quick!