Sunday, June 25, 2006


Itz the end of my very condensed week in Malaysia getting prepared for my big day. Here are some of the pictures we took throughout the week.

Food on the wedding banquet.

The bouquet...

The makeup....

The gown...

The new bedroom

The rings

The dowry

and...the lucky groom!


Anonymous said...

God... my cat grew up. You look beautiful!!!! So proud of you!


Cate said...

You look GOREGOUS! Aw I want to come!

Anonymous said...

Hey Angel,

The dress looks good! Great choice. Make up looks great to. Are you ready for the big day now? So are you back in hk now?

Anonymous said...

you look stunnig Malaysia!!
really beautifull. as i can see i think it was an awesome time:D

labellasthoughts said...

Hey Gato...glad you are back.... you look sooo pretty...!!!

Anonymous said...

wow angeline. you are beautiful!!!

-wi lliam