Saturday, June 17, 2006

Angeline in Malaysia

It was the first time I was asked to scan my luggages on the way out.

The first disturbing sight I saw was a Chinese woman trying to bribe the customs guy with RMBs...she speaks very little Malay and he understood no Mandarin. It seemed like he wasnt impressed...I couldnt tell if he were not happy with the amount she offered or just embarrassed because I was watching. If I werent busy trying to get my luggage which was bigger than myself off the conveyer belt, I would have taken out my camera and start snapping pictures. I was really mad!

KK came and picked me up. On the way to dinner, he took me sightseeing at Putra Jaya, the new administrative capital. I have to say that place is really impressive. For once, I am quite proud of the country.

We went to have street food because I ran out of ideas of what I feel like eating. Tofu fa and lok lok came up....delicious. It is nice to do fun things with a boyfriend. It has been years....

KK treats me sooooooooooooooooooo well. He made me feel greater than a queen. I am his beloved. I am still quite bewildered at his obsession of me. My pictures are all over his room!!! He puts a girl like me to shame. haha...I really really really really really need to get used to this. I believe I will.

Today, we started off our day praying together. I met up with his dad and siblings at breakfast. Then we drove to the studio house to pick my dresses and to talk to our photographer. I am allowed two wedding gowns for the prewedding photo shoots and a traditional chinese wedding dress. Then we went to meet up with his mom and went for hi-tea at a really fancy cafe. After that his mom and sis helped me to find a pair of shoes for the photo shoot as I have no eyes or couldnt care less for those strappy stiletto fragile and sexy looking stuff..real sigh.

Suddenly I am back and present in this family again...after 3 years. How did it all happen? It was quite simple on my side. I simply told KK what God did in my life for the past 2 years and one thing led to another.


Anonymous said...

so, I guess you found two wedding dresses. Good for you! Enjoy your time and being spoiled. Love ya! Caryl

labellasthoughts said...

Hey, you are soo funny.... the sexiest???mmmm...maybe not that "HOT",...hhehehehe miss you!

Anonymous said...

where are you planning on making your home for the next few years?

Anonymous said...

WOW< this is all so sappy... but... i actually like it.

- william

Anonymous said...

i love you. i really do. reading your posts make me miss you a lot.
yeah, i'll host dts renunion 06...come over and bring your man.