Thursday, December 29, 2005

Zoe, do you remember....?

You are forever in my life
You see me through the seasons

Spring 97
You, Lay Sar, Jennifer, Wee Kuan, Wee Kien, Cindy, Regyne, and many names forgotten. Selleck Basement. Most of them were Selleck residents but You and Lay Sar would come from Piper to hang out, so would I. I lived at 2221 S Str #22.

Then TGAN started. You, Lay Sar, Cindy came on board. We gossipped so much about Kerk Fong. Then you disappeared to Toronto.

Summer 97
I went back for 3 months of summer hols. Kerk Fong took over #22. Then I came back to Lincoln, but moved to 526 N26th #3. Kerk Fong moved to Cather. You took over #22 from Kerk Fong.

Fall and Winter 97
The most unforgettable winter storm. University closed down for 3 days. Your birthday that year, I got you a big teddy bear from JC Penny. Party at #22 that night. 1st TGAN's Christmas Carol. I remember getting so mad at Jen and Lay Sar but You sang with your whole heart. You kept me from losing it.

Spring 98
Malaysian Night. Forced into dance performance by Numsa. You coached the chinese fan dance. ..did my makeup.

Summer 98
You became my 'beauty consultant'. I would go stay over at #22 all the time. You polished my nails and put colors on them. My boyfriend got freaked out and asked me not to hang out with you so much because I was 'losing' myself.

Fall/Winter 98
Went to IVCF Fall conference together with Brian and Kah Kheng. You withdrew from TGAN, so did Kerk Fong, so did I... all for different reasons. Christopher became a christian. Winter break 98/99. Kah Kheng, you and I became close friends, ate meals together(in or out), played together, did everything together. One night, in KK's room, I quietly told you, I was strangely drawn to KK. Both of us freaked out together. 2nd TGAN Christmas Carolling. I was a part-timer.

Spring 99
Spring break 99, trip to Brownsville Church, Pensacola Florida. Tayo in his shock found out KK wasnt after you, but me. May 8, 1999. On a trip to Omaha, visited ConAgra Global Office campus, on that ground you shared with me your vision of The Blessing Channel.

Summer 99
We moved in together to 501 N25th #4. Requested to dance for Missions Conference at Christ's Place. The last time you coached me in dance. I sworn off dance 'forever' until FEET.

Fall/Winter 99
Going through lots of drama with KK,and with CC, you just watched silently. But I knew you were always there for me.

Spring 00
More drama continued. I started working and you were trying to graduate. We grew silent on each other almost but I knew you always cared. Malaysian Night 2000. I bought you a prom dress. Both of us unintentionally started the tradition of wearing big gowns to Malaysian night. Who didnt want to be hot like us? Nata came to visit us and we thought how much he looked like Kerk Fong.

Summer 00
You graduated and moved to California.

Spring 02
Visited you with Anna Bouc. Fell in love with Sausalito.

Fall 02
You returned to Lincoln for Thanksgiving. We plotted to give Judy a big surprise.

Spring 03
Visited you again and asked you to be my Maid of Honor. Then broke up with KK. Made plans to go to Hong Kong. You promised to be the Blessing Channel. Unofficially, the partnership was activated. You send, I go.

Summer 03
Visited you with the Boucs. Last time I saw you in the States.

Spring 04
I departed for Hong Kong. You departed for Lausanne Switzerland.

Winter 04
I settled in Hong Kong with YWAM. You got a green card and returned to the Bay Area.

Fall 05
You visited your 'cat' Hong Kong. I met your parents and relatives in Jakarta. You strategically 'patched' KK and I back and hence resumed your position as the Maid of Honor. I tasted roasted goose the first time and found out it is Yuen Long's Specialty.

Jing Jing, what is life without you?

wows..i believe this is the longest entry I have ever posted. i m happy its all about you.


Anonymous said...

That's so beautiful .... :) Friendships are such treasures. Well, I am off to go and and click on some google adds to help support the Angeline and KK wedding fund ;)

<3 ya,
Cate the 'angel'

Anonymous said...

it's pretty long, but it's about a third the size of a catherine felt "short story."

Zoe said...

That is the best summary of our friendship and sisterhood. Tell you what?? I am always proud of you and surely glad that you are in my life. Without you, my passed 8 years would be found a big huge den - missing all the fun. Thank you, Hua Jing!!