Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Nobody's at home


This is what I would say of today.

Craig has to go on surgery this morning to get tusk implants. It is his long time dream to be a mammoth. And Tammy has to go to town for some unknown reasons, so Nancy is babysitting Caleb and Grace this morning.

I offered Anna healthy vegetable soup for dinner last night but she insisted on having curry instead. This morning she called in sick!! Having flu-like symptoms it seems.

So, apparently I am the only healthy person available this morning.

We have planned a staff BBQ tonight. Since Joseph, Catherine and their girls are here, they will be joining us. I thought since I dont need to go to work this morning, maybe Catherine and I can go do some shopping for tonight but she has to go to Shatin to meet up with someone. So, that crashed too.

Sitting on my couch, I thought why dont I make a phone call to Nebraska. It is good, timewise.

So, I called Judy. Nobody's at home. So I chatted a little with their answering machine.

And I called Caryl. Caryl the mom said Caryl the daughter has gone out too.


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Anonymous said...

soon perhaps I will be there, and we can sit together :) I will try to be healthy.