Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Hair and other things

Ok. I've got mixed responses regarding my hairy legs. No, it is not a life choice. It is simply FREEDOM. I am still loved the same degree (by people that I care). But I will choose to shave it for the sake of Caryl who might struggle seeing this condition, who is coming back tonight. Because of love and not wanting to be a stumbling block, I submit myself to the goodwill of my sister in the Lord. Does it sound like a good principle?

Life in YWAM can be quite interesing. I have been in YWAM for almost 2 years now. If each task that I am doing here represents a song. Then they are all like being loaded on iPod Shuffle. One day I could be preaching the gospel in slum areas in North India, or cooking three-flavored chicken for lunch, or getting a word of knowledge for a student, or burning old accounting records all day long, or going to the train station two times in a day to pick up guests, yadda yadda yadda.

Tonight is the first time I had someone over to the Lighthouse since the FEETers left. I made Anna her favorite rendang. We will have that for lunch again tomorrow! Anna is soooooooo great. She is the only westerner I know of that loves Durian.

Oct is such an interesting day for Nancy, Anna, and myself. We started our period!!! All three of us girls that are here about unity and insyncness. If you feel like we are a cult here, I dont blame you. Just go with the feeling.


Zoe said...

P^_^P for Anna!!

Anonymous said...

ooh, girls and their periods... even better. i'm a clueless guy, i can't tell when it's that time of month for a woman. not even if she puts a big P on her forehead.

- william

Anonymous said...

The family that bleeds together, stays together ;)

that was gross, huh?