Wednesday, October 05, 2005

An Email from Judy

This is too funny. I just had to archive this in a special place....

LeLe, Sorry I missed your call the other night.

Thank you for telling Joe to send back info. Please have him call me to get together to collect the stuff. I will try to get in touch with Caryl. When do you go on furlough? Are you staying the whole time in Maylaysia? I hope that it is a good stay for you and not too stressfull.

Just know that you are more than welcome here in the states at any time. You could always have your old room back. We love you and miss you, too and yes we still call Moriah Ghee. She said that Anna and Jim can call her Ghee, I have to call her little sweet heart and Molly has to call her Moriah. She is such a character. Sunday was her fourth birthday. We celebrated in the park with friends. It was fun and she had a blast.

One funny thing I have to tell you is that Anna has to dress up tomorrow for homecoming week at school. The theme is Disney characters tomorrow, she chose to go as Mulan. we bought a long black wig and when she put it on at home we asked Moriah who that was and if is was LELE. She laughed and said, that's not LeLe, that is Anna, but it looks like LELE. I will try to send you a picture of Anna in the outfit. Im sure you will get a good laught out of it. and I am sure some of the others on base will too.

Love you lots, Judy for now.


Anonymous said...

LeLe. . . how adorable!

PS - its not THAT long. Did you read it?

Anonymous said...

Oh Angeline, it doesn't matter if you dance like a table....I would be honored to have you at my next dance party.