Wednesday, November 05, 2014


I freely admit that I am a huge sucker for Michaels. They are all incredibly talented and special. 

First there was Michael Chung, then Michael Wong, for a while, there was Michael W. Smith, Micheal Kors (not really, just kidding).

I have known Michael Chung since....too long ago.  I actually have a few endearment terms for him, among which, he probably likes Mulder the most, which is why he calls me Scully now :) .

Back then, I had always thought he was 32 (even before he was 32). He told me his age once, and of course I have forgotten what it was because that was again, too long ago. 

Every year I would send him the same birthday greetings - reminding him how fabulous he is being 32.   Today is his birthday again.  32nd, of course.

And he absolutely loves me for that. LOL.

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