Wednesday, November 12, 2014

8 years

November 11th yesterday.  We made the 8th return of the date since 2006.  So much had happened (initially here, and eventually on FB).

So, yesterday KK and I took a day off from work to play, to celebrate....and to run errands. 

So here, I made an appearance (in a photo) for the first time since 2006 !! I was about to eat that plateful of awesomeness which I craved for, for at least a year!

Little did I know, I was about to suffer some aftermath violent stomach pains .  Sigh.
Nevertheless, the smile on my face before that ordeal was worth capturing.   I had a good day. Happy that I married this wonderful man, whom I can say, even after 8 years later, a better human being than I am.
Oh yeah, we are the cool couple that don't do selfies like the rest of the world. 


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