Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ode to my St E girls

Recently, out of some curiosities and of the blue, Ive decided to track down a group of friends that I had decidedly 'abandoned' since years ago. Ever since I signed on Facebook (Dec 2006, yep..that early), I have been looking out for college friends from Nebraska particularly and of course at that time and my Hong Kong friends who were diehard Myspace loyalist ( I was too). So, most of the time I was just waiting for people to get signed on. And my dream came true sometime last year when one after another began signing on and more and more this year and then eventually even those whom I never would have thought would get into this social networking thing signed on . Hurrah!!!

Anyway back to my main point. One boring afternoon, I was wondering how I could get in touch with my long lost seatmate in class who sat with me practically since the first grade (primary 1 that is). Her name simply Jane Lee didnt help me much with searching. But I couldnt remember whom I fingered and finally I got a possible lead. With a few clues here and there, I decided to sned a message to Jane who chose a profile picture of two knotty stuff. :). and of course, it was Jane no less. I found my Jane. That opened the door for many other leads.

Many of the girls have changed their names as in adopted some western names (due to overseas exposure, jobs etc as quipped by Maeve Hou, formerly known as Hou Siew Ming). Lau Kin Fong has become Amanda Lau, and Teo Chun Leng has become Jolene Teo to name a few. And even myself, I have also become Angeline Yong legally. It is interesting to be reunited with them with their new identities. Besides the name change, relationship status have changed as well. Many of us are married now and some even with children (to my delight). I had some good times catching up with a few of them this week even though most of it was brief. Many are still out there. People like En Ji, Swee Sim, Hie Ching and Belinda, I am still wondering about them. I dont know how cool they are in regards to getting hooked up with ex highschoolmates. I was not too keen on it myself at one point of time, not meaning I didnt want to have anything to do with them anymore. It was just that for the past decade or so, I hardly thought much about secondary school or anything pertaining to it. Maybe I was just too distracted with the present moment. But I guess, everything has its own time.

Now it has come around a full circle. I feel a certain completion and somewhat a sense of closure. I have finally returned to my roots.

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