Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Chronicles of my life post St. E in a nutshell of course...

Since my sudden reunion with my ex St E girls, Ive gotten many questions on where Ive been since we parted ways in 1994. So out of my narcissistic nature, Ive decided to post an entry to summarize the 14 lost years in hope of their little interest in my interesting journey... hehehe.

Nov 1994 we finished SPM. I went for a short vacation just 3 weeks. Upon return, my mother, bless her heart enrolled me into American University Program at Inti Sarawak campus. In less than a week, I packed my bags ( I havent even finished unpacking from my vacation) and went off to Kuching. There I finished off 4 semesters of classes in one breath, putting me in sophomore standing as far as 4 year college is concerned. That was December 1994 till March 1996.

Went to Inti Subang April 96 - July 96.

August 96 - transferred to the University of Nebraska- Lincoln, Food Science and Technology department.

May 99 - Graduated with Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences.

May 99 - Aug 00 - worked on campus. Upon the expiration of my working permit, was offerred an graduate research assistantship to pursue a post graduate degree.

Aug 00 - Jan 04 - completed the requirements for my Masters of Science.

Jan 04 - Immediately after my oral defense I packed my bags again, in less than 48 hours, I was on the plane heading for Hong Kong after 7 plus years in good old Nebraska. I had decided to set apart that year to do missions. So, I signed myself up for A Year in Asia Program with Youth With A Mission Hong Kong. Initially planning to just stay for a year, after much prayers and consideration, I felt compelled to stay longer. So I signed up for a 2 year commitment as part of the YWAM HK staff. It was THE BEST YEARS OF MY LIFE!!!! Halfway into that, I got reunited (over long distance) with my then estranged ex fiance. Two months later in Nov 05, we decided to get married a year from then, after my commitment with YWAM HK was over.

Feb 2006 - Wedding date was set, church booked. My sweetheart flew over to Hong Kong on the valentine's day weekend with a diamond ring and proposed. Then he went back to execute all the wedding plans (now where do you find a man like that?? :)).

3 weeks before the wedding, I packed my bags and left Hong Kong. We got hitched on Nov 11 2006 in Klang, Nov 18 in Sibu, then only the honeymoon.

Dec 2006, I accepted the offer to work at Sunway Medical Center.

I have been working there since...


Chisso Wang said...

Like the Gospel of Mark. So hurried. haha
Well, at least you are updating your blog. Yayy!!!

Anonymous said...

wow, this lone surviving blog. it's like roaches in the aftermath of an atom bomb.