Saturday, March 11, 2006


I almost gave up writing blogs. I am too lazy to do anything. I am not excited with life. I dont like watching tv. I dont feel like shopping for anything. I dont feel like listening to any chinese songs or reading anything thought-provoking. I am just not up to anything. I kinda like my life like this, uncomplicated and boring.

Maybe I am just pmsing.

Wanna be my friend and hang out?

Speaking of friends, I have a series of 'Trinity's ever since I remember having friends. I think triads are great. Whenever two argues, we have a tie breaker and one gets to pick a side. I don't have any pictures of my 'trinity' further back than Lincoln NE...but here are the rest...

That's the most prominent 'trinity' during the days of Lincoln Revival Team. Me(Hua Jin), Cherh Kuan, and Hui Wan, whom we dearingly called Ah Hui. In that relationship, I was definitely the cockiest of them all...but they loved me well.

There's my other social circle that ran parallel with my CK and Ah Hui circle. We were pretty exclusive as in having special meetings to talk about nothing. I liked Neek and 'disliked' Budi. In that relationship, I was known as the Cat. Usually Neek wouldn't call me was just Budi.

This happened after the other two circles left lincoln. I knew both Erin (the blonde one)and Jessica before the millenium but 'suddenly' got close in 2003, right before I came to Hong Kong. They are both in Omaha then and now. I needed to drive to Omaha to meet up with them. Jessica still send cards to me occassionally...and Erin wants to be a Missionary.

And here in Hong Kong, I continue my tradition to trinitize my relationship. This is the most updated one. On my left, Caryl, the Grand Pooba, and on my right is Grandma Keith from Hoserland. If my wedding is just about myself, I would have Caryl be my flowergirl and Grandma the ring bearer...but unfortunately, it is not!!!!!


KK said...

yay! I'm the first one to read this.. and the first one to put a comment!! :P

Anonymous said...

You look hot in all those pictures. Man. Maybe I need to make you a hot mama T-shirt too!


Zoe said...

I can foresee you having 1-4 kids eh... to form another family trinity or kids trinity =)