Wednesday, March 22, 2006

An obnoxious question

I wanted to blog this the other day but I didnt because my keyboard sensors are losing it. Sometimes letter like h would not come out. Very annoying. As much as I love my faithful Inspiron 8000, I am preparing for its funeral.

Anyway, about that obnoxious question that I was pondering a little while ago......before I am aware of the human function called sex, the only reason I could think of why people regard the pubic area as dirty (after Deans teaching, I know sex is not dirty anymore) is because that is the area we associate pee and poo with. So, why did God in His intelligence created sexual organs in proximity with our poo and pee organs and for guys, the same organ?!?!?!?!

After lunch on Monday, I posed the question to some intelligent people like Fifi, Catherine and Anna. Fifi of course just busted out laughing. Both Anna and Catherine, to my amazement came up with a similar answer - convenience!! Anna said there is an incentive to keep that area clean. Catherine said, when we wear underwear, it automatically protect all of them together. And, that is smart!

Why didnt I think of that before??

Anyway, I found the answers satisfying. So I closed the case in peace.


KK said...

Gasp! I almost suffocated while laughing to death when I read this. Really, you should assign a rating to your blog... hahaha...

Anonymous said...

;) I am glad you consider me an intelligent 'people' ... heehee. Yeah.. I still stand by my answer, even though the thought of these kind of things make me blush like a lil girl. Gee, 'Geline, you sure have gotten more BOLD about such things lately ;)



Anonymous said...

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