Saturday, September 10, 2005

Hong Kong SAR

It is still hard to believe this is now the place I call home.

Everytime I travelled on the KCR, then MTR, stared at all the routes and connections inside the train, each time I walked through IFC building to get to church, located at the center of the skycrapers showcase, I couldn't help but wonder why and how on earth did I ever end up here?

Less than 5 mins walk westward is Sheung Wan where Lawrence now works, and at the back of my church, somehow I discovered is the famous place called the Midlevels, and Lan Kwai Fong. Admiralty, Wan Chai, Causeway Bay districts are also all within walking distance. All too overwhelming to me! Maybe it never occurs to me that Hong Kong Island is actually quite small.

It is a beautiful city, diverse, prosperous, and definitely to be proud of.

After so long being here, I've made only 2 local Hong Kong chinese friends. One works with one of our programs here called the King and I, and the other is currently a DTS student. I built a business relationship with a meat delivery guy sinceafter I became the food manager. That's about all.

Even though I live in the land called Hong Kong. Within the Black Gates of the Courtyard (where the base operates) and staff dorms, it is still very much America. It is a strange colony surrounded by at least 5 ancestral temples in the oldest (800 yrs old) village in Hong Kong. That might as well be the reason God planted us here, worshipping Him daily at the very place where Hong Kong started.

As strange as it sounds, our Courtyard IS part of the Heritage Trail along with those temples, where hundreds of tourists would come to visit every weekend. I could only wish I knew exactly what went through their minds when they saw so many kwai lows freely accessing to an ancient property which they could only take pictures of.


Catherine said...

Why is it part of the trail? Just because of its old-ness, or did it used to be something more important.. or those darling ruins to the right side?

I can't wait till I am living there, too...

Wait, I CAN wait.. I'm just excited.

Anonymous said...

You got your EYELASHES PERMED????
What the hell does that mean????
I gotta see a picture of this.