Monday, January 12, 2009

Bedtime Story

Once upon a time, there lived four good friends in the Animal Kingdom of Fusionland who dwelled peacefully with the humans.

The four friends were Cockcroah, Panda, Turtle and Cat. Cockcroach, Panda and Turtle had been good friends for a long time before Cat arrived in the Animal kingdom. Panda was extremely fond of Cat because she was so adorable and smart. So,very quickly they became close friends.

Four of them, who were very different from one another spoke the same language as the humans of Fusionland. They played together, worked together, ate together and even travelled together. Life was always lots of fun. They were all extremely funny in their own ways and they never failed to make themselves laugh until they cried, (except for Cat who never cried).

The time came when Cat had to leave the Animal Kingdom to get married. Cat was very sad because she loved all her animal friends in the kingdom. She missed Panda every day. She wanted to come back and visit the Fusionland all the time but she was stucked in the Nevernever Land. However one day the opportunity came when she heard the news that Cockroach was getting married. For that reason, she could again come back to the Animal Kingdom and visit her animal and human friends. She was happy!!!

Not long afterwards, she heard another good news, her Panda was in love and would be married too. There went another opportunity to go back to the Fusionland. And it was a great joy in the Animal Kingdom because Cockcroach's wife had just given birth to a baby. So Cat not only visit Panda and Turtle but also Cockroach's baby.

Now, Panda and Cat are looking forward for Cat to return to the Animal Kingdom. But Cat says, maybe the next opportunity will come when Turtle gets hitched.

This story is based on true characters. Due to security reasons, their real names have been changed.

Cockroach is Cockroach because he kept reprising the role of a cockroach in some 'guidelines video'.
Cat has always been all cat (and nothing else) wherever she goes except for when being in the Nevernever Land where she cannot be herself.
Turtle is Turtle because Panda said so.
Panda is Panda because she said so.

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