Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Responses to what Caryl knows about angeline by angeline

she bought really really sexy underwear for her future husband. Yes, I am surprised as well.
He worked so hard to plan for the wedding. That's the least Angeline can do to show appreciation.

She's a cooking diva and makes wonderful food for all.
The way to most people's heart is through the stomach...Angeline knows it well.

she's very huggable, and loveable.
Undeniable fact. She thinks she is a cat...sometimes a toy cat.

she gets frustrated when she has to come in on her day off.
Actually she doesnt mind coming in as long as nothing crazy happens...but that hasnt been the case.

She thinks she's a cat but I know differently.
She sometimes wonder why it is so hard to convince Caryl....while everyone else just complied.

she loves Kah kheng very very very much and can't wait to be his wife. So much so that she is leaving me behind. boo hoo hoo.
Actually she hates the fact she is leaving Caryl. boo hoo hooo. She loves Caryl very very very much too.

she loves to buy stuffed animals for people
Only for Caryl as a joke...she didnt buy them, she just happened to get them for free..lucky her.

she fits in well with the people of china and loves them a lot.
That's a compliment!

she loves to investigate the bible and make sure all teachers are accurate
She loves to play smartcat and she just couldnt help it. This is by far the strongest influence of KK in her.

she likes the trinity, angeline, keith and caryl and she thinks they are divine (her words not mine)
They were so good together! She wished they were trinity forever.

she is very organized when she wants to be.
That's another compliment. She figured she wouldnt be so loveable being a compulsive organizer.

for some reason she likes sleeping on the top bunk. Go figure!
Some of the invalid reasons being, she loves to leap down and climb up to her territory like a cat, and she knew no one else would prefer the top bunk over the bottom.

she's good at backrubs
And Caryl is good at receiving them.

she loves chinese food
To eat them and to make them.

she plays the piano marvelously!!!!
She wished she could play faster and better but I guess she is pleased with what she's got there.

she has a very heavy foot. You always it's her going up or down the stairs.
She wants people to think she is actually very dangerous if anyone wanted to mess with her. STOMP STOMP STOMP STOMP STOMP !!!!!

she once ate a huge fish by herself. I would have been sick eating just half of it.
Her cat nature....besides the fish was really good.

she is a maniac driver on the bike.
Biking..she misses biking. She had an SR with her bike (suddenly nolstalgic)

she forgets to take her medicine like a good girl.
Nevertheless, she IS a good girl. :)


Anonymous said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! oh gosh angeline.... you never cease to amaze me.

- william

Tina said...

dito sweetie dito!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hi.. i stumbled on your blog and viewed the wedding pictures.. mind if you tell me where is it that you went?